KYB, the #1 in shock absorbers with a history spanning over 100 years. KYB shock absorbers have their origins dating back to 1919 when Mr. Shiro Kayaba, the man behind the KAYABA brand, established the company. In 1985, the first KYB shock absorber manufacturing plant was founded in Gifu, Japan. In 1969, Siam Calsonic Co., Ltd. introduced KYB shock absorbers into Thailand. Over the years, KYB expanded its production facilities globally to meet the increasing demand from customers and leading car manufacturers. Remarkably, 1 in 2 vehicles in Japan and 1 in 5 vehicles worldwide choose KYB shock absorbers. In 1996, KYB established its shock absorber manufacturing plant in Thailand, situated at the Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate in Chonburi. Later, in 2009, the company officially changed its trading name from KAYABA to KYB, a name they carry to this day.   

KYB offers a diverse range of products catering to consumer needs, such as shock absorber accessories (shock boots, dust covers, and bump stops) that protect shock absorbers, extending their longevity.  

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