What is the ‘Matrix LED’ headlight technology in Ford?

Matrix LED headlights

The headlights are now equipped with a matrix LED system, which comes with a glare-free full beam function that provides a broader and longer range of illumination when driving under favorable conditions. Additionally, the matrix LED headlights can swivel up to a maximum of 15 degrees according to the steering direction.

Many have likely seen or heard of Ford’s advanced lighting technology, the Matrix LED headlights, which make nighttime driving easier than ever before. With various features such as the glare-free full beam function, these headlights ensure excellent visibility without disturbing other drivers when switching to high beam. On average, driving at night accounts for only 25% of total road time, but experts point out that the risk of serious accidents is significantly higher at night, up to three times more than during the day. This is because drivers tend to use high beams less frequently, and even with proper use, nighttime driving poses greater risks than daytime driving.

Andrew Cook, a Mazda technical engineer, explained, “Ford’s glare-free full beam system helps drivers use high beams more effectively, as users can see further ahead without worrying about disturbing other drivers.”

These intelligent headlight systems work in conjunction with the car’s front-facing camera to detect the brightness of the headlights and taillights of other vehicles up to 800 meters away, effectively scanning the road conditions. The system creates light pockets around the car’s front end even on winding roads, keeping the front road area illuminated even when the road is dark, while still providing maximum brightness where needed.

“Generally, low beams can illuminate up to about 70 meters, while high beams can reach up to 200 meters. The new Ford Everest Generation ensures that drivers can use high beams most efficiently without worrying about disturbing other drivers, thus increasing confidence in driving,” Andrew concluded.

FORD Matrix LED headlight

In addition, the use of high beams from the Matrix LED headlights with Ford’s new Everest Generation also features a special function called High Beam Boost, which utilizes multiple LED bulbs grouped together, providing up to 30% more brightness than standard Matrix LED high beams.

“The enhanced high beam capability is another feature in the new Ford Everest Generation that we are proud of and know that Ford customers who frequently travel long distances will appreciate,” said Andrew.

FORD Matrix LED headlight

Andrew further emphasized that using high beams appropriately greatly enhances visibility while driving. High beam lights cast a wider angle to illuminate distant areas, while low beam lights shine directly onto the road ahead, making them suitable for routes with more ambient light, such as those with headlights from other cars or streetlights.

FORD Matrix LED headlight

“Because high beams adjust the angle of illumination to be higher and provide light farther ahead compared to low beams, they help drivers see objects on the road ahead and to the sides for a longer distance before the vehicle reaches them. This means drivers can respond to road situations more quickly,” Andrew said.

The new Ford Everest generation also develops technology for low beams, such as Dynamic Bending Lights, which use sensors to measure the speed of the car and the degree of turning to rotate the headlights along with the curves to allow drivers to see more of the path ahead than regular headlights that cannot adjust direction. The headlights of the new Ford Everest generation can rotate up to a maximum of 15 degrees, which is sufficient to illuminate even on winding or sharp turns, providing better visibility for the driver.

The new Ford Everest generation also comes with Adaptive Cornering Lights, which increase illumination while driving in the city. It works when the vehicle is traveling at low speeds while entering deep curves. This system not only helps in cornering but also works when the car is in reverse gear to provide light while reversing during nighttime.

“Ford has conceived and developed many features for Matrix LED headlights in the new Ford Everest generation to ensure that drivers have better visibility while driving, without disturbing other vehicle users,” Andrew concluded.

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