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What does GPAutoparts sell?

What does GPAutoparts sell? GPAutoparts is a leading one-stop automotive parts distributor offering both genuine and aftermarket parts. We serve auto parts stores, repair shops, auto insurance companies, fleet operators, transport and bus companies, government agencies, state enterprises, car clubs, and individual car owners nationwide. Our Automotive Parts At GPAutoparts, we provide a comprehensive range of automotive parts to meet your needs, including: Engine and Transmission: Engine components, filters, throttle bodies, injectors, spark plugs, ignition coils, radiators, water pumps, belts, pulleys, gaskets, and engine mounts. Suspension: Ball joints, control arms, bushings, shock absorbers, coil springs, tie rods, rack and pinion units, brake pads, and brake discs. Body Parts: Body panels, hoods, doors, bumpers, wiper blades, air conditioning units, consoles, windshields, and side mirrors. Electrical Parts: Instrument clusters, radios, horns, batteries, running lights, interior accessories, seat belts, airbags, and wiring harnesses. Air Conditioning: Compressors, condensers, evaporators, and cooling fans. Lube & Chemical: Lubricants, greases, coolants, brake fluids, and chemicals. Why Choose GPAutoparts? If you’re looking for experts who can provide advice and source the car parts you need, GPAutoparts is your best choice. With our experience and expertise, we are ready to serve and meet all your automotive parts needs. ___________________________________ Place an order/Become a distributor. GP MOBILITY PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Line id: @gpautoparts or Link Contact: Follow me: Service Monday to Saturday from 08:30 AM to 05:30 PM. 02-941-1222 (Auto),02-579-2882

7 car parts to replace before Songkran

“Songkran is a time when roads are congested with traffic, combined with hot weather conditions, which may affect the performance of cars. Checking and replacing car parts before long journeys can help reduce the risk of accidents and make traveling safer.   Here are 7 car parts you should replace before Songkran for safe and worry-free driving: Tires: Check for cracks, bulges, or worn tread patterns. Replace worn-out tires for excellent road grip, ensuring safe driving in all weather conditions. Engine Oil: Check the oil level and condition. Change the engine oil to keep the engine running smoothly and save fuel. Coolant: Check the coolant level in the battery. Refill the coolant or replace the battery for easy starting and convenient driving. Windshield Wipers: Check the condition of the wiper blades. Replace old wiper blades for clear visibility and safe driving. Brake Pads: Check the brake pad material for sufficient thickness. Replace brake pads for responsive braking and shorter braking distances. Lights: Check the headlights, taillights, turn signals, and brake lights for proper operation. Replace bulbs for clear visibility and increased safety. Air Filter: Check the condition of the air filter for dirt or blockages. Replace the air filter for efficient engine operation and fuel savings.” ___________________________________ Place an order/Become a distributor. GP MOBILITY PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Line id: @gpautoparts or Link Contact: Follow me: Service Monday to Saturday from 08:30 AM to 05:30 PM. 02-941-1222 (Auto),02-579-2882

Choose the right oil viscosity for optimal performance

Choose the right oil viscosity for your vehicle’s usage SAE 0W-20 Engine Oil Formula SAE 0W-20 engine oil is ideal for new eco-friendly cars. It offers the following benefits: – Improved fuel efficiency – Enhanced engine cleanliness – Better emission control Viscosity Grade 5W-30 Viscosity Grade 5W-30 Ideal for small cars with turbocharged systems, this oil provides: – Prevention of Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) – Reduced deposit buildup – High shear stability – Antioxidant properties – Excellent foam control If you drive a small car with a turbocharger, we recommend ACDelco dexos™1 Gen3 engine oil. Choose the right oil for your car—choose ACDelco engine oil. ACDelco offers a range of engine oils for all your needs. ___________________________________ Place an order/Become a distributor. GP MOBILITY PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Line id: @gpautoparts or Link Contact: Follow me: Service Monday to Saturday from 08:30 AM to 05:30 PM. 02-941-1222 (Auto),02-579-2882

How to choose a battery suitable for your car

Why car batteries are important and why they need to be changed Car batteries are like the heart of a car, performing important functions such as: Starting the car: The battery supplies power to the starter motor, allowing the engine to start. Powering electrical systems: The battery provides power to various electrical systems in the car, such as headlights, turn signals, interior lights, radio, and air conditioning. Providing backup power: When the engine is running, the alternator charges the battery, which serves as a backup power source when the alternator cannot supply enough power. Reasons to replace a car battery: Age: Car batteries typically last an average of 2-3 years. Battery condition: Signs such as difficulty starting the car, dim headlights, and malfunctioning electrical systems indicate a deteriorating battery. Usage: Heavy-duty driving, such as city driving with frequent engine starts, can shorten a battery’s lifespan. Warning signs that a car battery may need to be replaced: Difficulty starting the car Dim headlights Malfunctioning electrical systems Loud noises from the battery Changes in battery terminal appearance Battery maintenance tips: Check the electrolyte level (for wet-cell batteries). Clean battery terminals. Avoid leaving lights on without starting the car. Avoid leaving the car idle for long periods after starting. Factors to consider when choosing a car battery: Battery size: Check the car’s manual or the size of the old battery. Battery capacity: Choose a capacity (in amp-hours) suitable for the engine size. Battery type: Choose between wet-cell batteries (which require regular watering) and dry-cell batteries (maintenance-free). Battery age: Select a newly manufactured battery. Brand: Choose a reputable brand known for quality and reliability. Compare prices, specifications, and warranties. ACDelco is a leading global brand that manufactures batteries using state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials. ACDelco batteries undergo rigorous testing and are designed to withstand hot and cold weather conditions. They are high-power-rated and produced with high safety standards. ACDelco batteries are easy to maintain as they are dry-cell batteries that do not require watering. They offer a range of models suitable for those seeking long-lasting, high-quality batteries.     SMF Suitable for general vehicles serving as the main function for starting the engine. EFB Designed for vehicles with “Start-Stop” systems that already have EFB and AGM installed. The battery is designed to support frequent engine starts with partial charging status, allowing the “Start-Stop” system to function efficiently. AGM The best option for all types of vehicles, especially those with “Start-Stop” systems or requiring high performance. The battery is designed for frequent engine starts with low charging status, ensuring reliable operation of the “Start-Stop” system throughout its lifespan. If you’ve reached this point and are interested in acquiring an ACDelco battery or want to inquire further, you can contact us via Line ID @gpautoparts (with @) or click 👉

3 Key Signs Your Car’s Clutch Might Be Having Issues

How to Care for and Recognize if You Encounter These Symptoms, Your Car’s Clutch May Be Having Issues 1. Clutch Slippage: The initial warning sign indicating that your clutch is on its way out is clutch slippage. Clutch slippage can occur in two scenarios: 1.1. Clutch Wear: This is often caused by a worn-out clutch disc. As the clutch approaches the end of its lifespan, slippage becomes more noticeable. 1.2. Engine Overpowering Clutch: This is commonly found in vehicles with engine modifications. If your vehicle isn’t modified, clutch wear due to a worn-out clutch disc is the likely cause of slippage, indicating that something is amiss with your car. 2. Decreased Speed at the Same Engine RPM: In some car models, you may not notice clutch slippage, particularly in automatic transmission vehicles. This could be the second symptom, especially in automatic transmission cars, making it challenging to detect clutch slippage. Sometimes, if you observe that the engine rpm remains the same but the vehicle speed is higher than usual, or the engine rpm remains the same but the vehicle speed is lower than usual, it’s a warning sign of clutch slippage. 3. Slow Hill Climbing Ability: Sometimes, even if you haven’t noticed the aforementioned initial symptoms, you might observe that your car struggles to climb hills. If you find that your vehicle begins to ascend inclines more slowly than usual or requires downshifting to maintain speed, when previously it didn’t, it could be an early indication of clutch wear, which could eventually lead to clutch failure. ___________________________________ Place an order/Become a distributor. GP MOBILITY PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Line id: @gpautoparts or Link Contact: Follow me: Service Monday to Saturday from 08:30 AM to 05:30 PM. 02-941-1222 (Auto),02-579-2882

DIY Air Filter Replacement: Easy-to-Understand Guide for Confident Execution

DIY Car Air Filter Replacement It’s an easy and cost-effective method that you can do yourself in just a few minutes. It helps keep the air in the cabin clean and fresh while saving energy for the air conditioning system Equipment Needed: – Screwdriver – Clean cloth – New car air filter Recommend high-quality air filters at a budget-friendly price 1.Denso  Provides good air circulation rate. Minimizes pressure loss, thus avoiding additional load on the car’s fan. Captures various pollutants such as dust, small microbes, PM 2.5 particles, vapor, and exhaust fumes effectively. Helps extend the lifespan of the air conditioning system, preventing the car’s condenser coil from clogging up 2.ACDelco  Features a triple-layer filtration system capable of filtering PM 2.5 dust particles at over 99.81% efficiency. Prevents the growth and proliferation of bacteria and fungi. Reduces unpleasant odors. Eliminates allergens. Steps to Replace the Car Air Filter Open the front hood of the car. Locate the position of the car air filter, which is usually on the left or right side of the engine, under the hood, or under the car’s console. Use a screwdriver or a locking mechanism to remove the cover of the air filter. Pull out the cover of the air filter. Remove the old air filter. Inspect the condition of the old air filter. If it is very dirty or clogged with dust, it should be replaced immediately. Insert the new air filter into the frame. Put the cover of the air filter back on. Tighten the screw or locking mechanism that secures the cover of the air filter. Close the front hood of the car. If the air filter is very dirty, it may reduce the efficiency of the air conditioning system, resulting in slower cooling or unpleasant odors. Therefore, do not forget to replace the car air filter every 10,000-20,000 kilometers or more frequently if driving in dusty conditions. Additionally, if you want high-quality and cost-effective air filters like Denso and ACDelco, you can order them at [website link] ___________________________________ Place an order/Become a distributor. GP MOBILITY PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Line id: @gpautoparts or Link Contact: Follow me: Service Monday to Saturday from 08:30 AM to 05:30 PM. 02-941-1222 (Auto),02-579-2882

6 ways to extend the life of your car’s brake pads

Brake pads, an essential component of the braking system, generate friction with the brake discs to slow or stop the vehicle. Over time, they will gradually wear down and thin. Worn out or excessively worn brake pads can reduce braking performance or lead to an accident. How to detect worn brake pads Noise when braking Lower brake pedal Reduced braking performance “Complete brake pads will help you stop your car safely.” 6 ways to preserve brake pads and extend their lifespan for safe driving Clean brake discs regularly Regularly clean brake discs as they are exposed to dust and dirt. Allowing dust to settle for a long time can harden it, causing faster wear on the brake pads. Drive consciously and carefully Fast or reckless driving may lead to accidents, so consciously and carefully driving and avoiding high speeds can reduce emergency braking use. Avoid prolonged braking Especially when going uphill or downhill, as it increases the heat on the brake discs and pads, leading to reduced braking performance or faster deterioration. Check brake pads regularly You should regularly check the brake pads. A simple way to do this is to feel the brake pedal. If the brake pedal feels lower than usual, the brake pads may be worn out. If you are not sure, it is best to consult a qualified mechanic. Maintain other components of the braking system In addition to brake pads, other components of the braking system are also important. These include rubbers, brake pistons, dust boots, and master cylinder rubbers. You should regularly clean these components and remove them to wash and check for any leaks, damage, or tears. If these components are damaged or worn, they may affect the braking system and brake pads. Keep tires properly inflated Properly inflated tires will help the braking system work more efficiently. The ideal tire pressure should be within the specified range. If the tire pressure is too high or too low, it will put more strain on the brake pads. The tips for maintaining brake pads mentioned above are simple to follow. Remember to check your brake pads every 3 months or about 5,000 kilometers for safe driving. Neglecting to do so may cause damage and danger to life. ___________________________________ Place an order/Become a distributor. GP MOBILITY PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Line id: @gpautoparts or Link  Contact: Follow me: Service Monday to Saturday from 08:30 AM to 05:30 PM. 02-941-1222 (Auto),02-579-2882


How many types of car seats are there? How to choose? Parents are concerned about their child’s safety

Choosing the Right Car Seat for Your Child 1. Ensure there is a child safety seat and use it correctly whenever riding in a car. 2. Choose the car seat type and install it appropriately based on the child’s age, size, weight, and height. For infants to 3-year-olds, use a rear-facing car seat, which is the safest option. For children aged 2-6 years, a forward-facing car seat can be used. As for older children, a booster seat should be used, which is a forward-facing seat used in conjunction with a regular safety belt. 3. Make sure it meets safety standards from reputable manufacturers. If choosing a second-hand safety seat, inspect it for any signs of damage or wear, and ensure the straps or buckles are in good condition, with an age of use not exceeding 6 years. 4. Read and follow the installation instructions carefully. 5. For sedans, install the child safety seat in the backseat. Avoid placing it in the front seat next to the driver, as in the event of an accident, the child may be impacted by the airbag. For further information, contact the Department of Disease Control hotline at 1422 The type of car seat should be chosen according to the child’s age, and the installation of the car seat and booster seat should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid installing the safety seat for children on the front seat next to the driver Infants – 1 year old: Use a rear-facing car seat. Children aged 1 – 3 years: Use a rear-facing car seat. Children aged 2-6 years: Use a forward-facing car seat. Children aged 4 – 12 years: Use a booster seat facing forward. For older children, use it with a regular safety belt (depending on weight and height). Children over 12 years old: Always wear a safety belt in every seating position. Installing a car seat is essential for child safety. Consider the child’s age, weight, and size before purchasing a car seat. Properly installed car seats meeting safety standards significantly reduce the risk of child injury. Besides the car seat, other parts and components are also crucial for safety. Regularly inspect and maintain your vehicle, and promptly replace any damaged parts ___________________________________ Place an order/Become a distributor. GP MOBILITY PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Line id: @gpautoparts or Link Contact: Follow me: Service Monday to Saturday from 08:30 AM to 05:30 PM. 02-941-1222 (Auto),02-579-2882


5 Warning Signs of Automotive Suspension Problems

Car suspension problems A car consists of many interconnected components, each with its own importance and function. The suspension system of a car, in particular, plays a crucial role in controlling the vehicle’s behavior. Regularly observing and maintaining the car’s suspension system is essential. Suspension issues can manifest in various ways, and the condition of the suspension system tends to degrade over time, especially for vehicles frequently exposed to water and mud. Drivers may notice abnormal responses from the suspension system, and addressing them promptly not only ensures safety but also reduces repair costs. So, what are the signs indicating potential suspension problems? Here are a few examples: Bouncing: If your car bounces up and down excessively while driving, it could be a sign of issues with the springs or shock absorbers. It’s advisable to have a mechanic inspect your vehicle to ensure safety. Unusual Vibrations: If your car vibrates unusually while driving or when turning, it might be due to an unbalanced wheel. Wheel balancing ensures that the weight of the wheels is evenly distributed, preventing vibrations. Noisy Ride: Unusual noises, such as clunking or squeaking, coming from your vehicle while driving or when turning could indicate problems with the suspension components. These noises may suggest worn-out bushings, ball joints, or other suspension parts. Wandering Steering: If your steering wheel feels loose, and your car doesn’t maintain a straight line while driving, it could be due to alignment issues or problems with suspension components. Brake Pedal Pulsation: When you apply the brakes and the brake pedal pulsates or the steering wheel shakes, it may be related to problems in the suspension or brake system. Getting it checked promptly is essential to maintain braking performance. Ignoring these signs could lead to dangerous situations on the road, so it’s crucial to address any unusual behavior in your vehicle’s suspension system promptly. Regular maintenance and inspections by a qualified mechanic can help ensure your car’s suspension remains in optimal condition, promoting both safety and cost savings. CTR Central Corporation is a company that manufactures automotive parts for the chassis system, including suspension, steering, and drivetrain components. It was founded in 1952 in Pusan, South Korea, and has over 70 years of experience. As an OEM brand, CTR supplies parts to over 25% of the leading automotive brands worldwide, making it a leader in the automotive parts industry. We have taken the OEM technology and applied it to develop our Aftermarket products. Currently, we support more than 300 Aftermarket customers in over 100 countries worldwide. Our products cover Japanese, Korean, and European car brands. CTR Chassis System Products: Ball Joints Tie Rod Ends Control Arms Rack Ends CTR ensures the quality of its products with stringent quality control measures. We use high-quality materials and modern manufacturing processes, including high-strength ball joints and polymer-coated ball joint boots that reduce wear and improve performance. We also have durable rubber boots that withstand temperature changes, water, and dust. These qualities have made us the top brand with the highest market share in 10 countries worldwide. ___________________________________ Place an order/Become a distributor. GP MOBILITY PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Line id: @gpautoparts or Link  Contact: Follow me: Service Monday to Saturday from 08:30 AM to 05:30 PM. 02-941-1222 (Auto),02-579-2882