5 Checkpoints for Drivers to Know During the Rainy Season!
หน้าฝน ใบปัดน้ำฝน ระบบเบรก

Check Your Car Before the Rainy Season

Things Drivers Must Know

1. Windshield Wipers: If they are not cleaning properly, make loud noises, or skip while wiping, it’s a sign that the wiper blades are worn out. Replace them immediately.

2. Brake System: If you hear abnormal noises when applying the brakes or if you need to press the brake pedal deeper than usual, it indicates that the brake pads are wearing out. Replace them promptly for safety when driving on slippery roads.

3. Car Tires: If the tire tread depth is lower than the minimum requirement or less than 3 mm, consider replacing the tires to ensure good traction on wet roads.

4. Tire Pressure: If you haven’t inflated the tires in over a month or if you feel a decrease in acceleration response, it signals that the tire pressure is low. Inflate the tires to the recommended level or slightly higher than normal to improve tire rigidity and water drainage.

5. Lighting Signals: Check the headlights, taillights, turn signals, and fog lights. If any lights are not working or are flickering frequently, it indicates a faulty bulb. Replace the bulb immediately to improve visibility while driving, especially in rainy conditions.

Accidents can happen anywhere, especially when driving in the rainy season. You may encounter heavy rain and slippery roads, so drivers must be extra cautious and remember to inspect their cars before driving every time. This helps prevent accidents that could occur.

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