6 ways to extend the life of your car’s brake pads

Brake pads are an essential component of the braking system. They create friction with the brake discs to slow or stop the vehicle. Brake pads will gradually wear down and thin over time. If brake pads are worn out or too worn, they may reduce braking performance or cause an accident.

How to detect worn brake pads

  • Noise when braking
  • Lower brake pedal
  • Reduced braking performance

“Complete brake pads will help you stop your car safely.”

6 ways to preserve brake pads and extend their lifespan for safe driving

  1. Clean brake discs regularly
    Brake discs are exposed to dust and dirt. If left for a long time, the dust will harden, making the brake pads wear out faster.
  1. Drive consciously and carefully
    Driving too fast or recklessly may cause accidents. Therefore, you should drive consciously and carefully, and avoid driving too fast to reduce the use of emergency braking.
  1. Avoid prolonged braking
    Prolonged braking is often used when going uphill or downhill. This will increase the heat of the brake discs and pads, reducing braking performance or causing the brake discs or pads to deteriorate faster than usual.
  1. Check brake pads regularly
    You should regularly check the brake pads. A simple way to do this is to feel the brake pedal. If the brake pedal feels lower than usual, the brake pads may be worn out. If you are not sure, it is best to consult a qualified mechanic.
  1. Maintain other components of the braking system
    In addition to brake pads, other components of the braking system are also important. These include rubbers, brake pistons, dust boots, and master cylinder rubbers. You should regularly clean these components and remove them to wash and check for any leaks, damage, or tears. If these components are damaged or worn, they may affect the braking system and brake pads.
  1. Keep tires properly inflated
    Properly inflated tires will help the braking system work more efficiently. The ideal tire pressure should be within the specified range. If the tire pressure is too high or too low, it will put more strain on the brake pads.

The tips for maintaining brake pads mentioned above are simple to follow. Remember to check your brake pads every 3 months or about 5,000 kilometers for safe driving. Neglecting to do so may cause damage and danger to life.

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