“DENSO” is the innovator and developer of technology for automobiles and a manufacturer of automotive components for leading global car manufacturers, also known as Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM). At DENSO, we believe that technology addresses the challenging issues of society. We believe that technology improves the quality of life, bringing peace, and balance to the world.  

Air Conditioning System (Global Website)  

Our air conditioning system is environmentally friendly. We offer compact HVAC systems with excellent installation, providing safety and compatibility with your car’s interior. Additionally, our automatic heating pump system is highly efficient, conserving energy and is installed on the bus’s roof. We manufacture other advanced technology air conditioning system products as well.  

Electrical Systems (Global Website)  

DENSO enables vehicles to use energy efficiently, promoting an eco-friendly driving experience. We focus on creating a safe and environmentally conscious driving community. Our high-quality, reliable products benefit from Human-Machine Interface (HMI) management to drive the evolution of automated driving.  

Safety and Control Systems (Global Website)  

We establish a safe driving community with our high-quality and trusted products, utilizing Human-Machine Interface (HMI) data management for automated vehicle development.  

Parts and Accessories (Global Website)  

We leverage our expertise as a supplier to major global car manufacturers. DENSO provides components and accessories that help enhance safety, conserve fuel, and improve the driving experience.