Brembo is an Italian company that was founded in 1961 by Emilio Bombassei and Italo Breda. It all started in a small workshop not far from Bergamo, Italy, just a few kilometers away. The year 1964 is a significant one in Brembo’s history when the company began manufacturing its first brake discs in Italy for the aftermarket. In 1970, Brembo entered the motorcycle component market, but the real turning point came in 1975 when Enzo Ferrari chose Brembo for Formula 1 and introduced Brembo to the world of racing.  

Soon after, their production expanded to cover various brake system components. The company’s expertise and capabilities, along with the quality of its products and services, have gained global recognition. This has positioned Brembo as a leader in the European brake disc market. Today, Brembo has factories in 23 locations worldwide.