CTR Central Corporation is a company that manufactures automotive parts for the chassis system, including suspension, steering, and drivetrain components. It was founded in 1952 in Pusan, South Korea, and has over 70 years of experience. As an OEM brand, CTR supplies parts to over 25% of the leading automotive brands worldwide, making it a leader in the automotive parts industry.  

We have taken the OEM technology and applied it to develop our Aftermarket products. Currently, we support more than 300 Aftermarket customers in over 100 countries worldwide. Our products cover Japanese, Korean, and European car brands.  

CTR Chassis System Products:  

  • Ball Joints  
  • Tie Rod Ends  
  • Control Arms  
  • Rack Ends  

CTR ensures the quality of its products with stringent quality control measures. We use high-quality materials and modern manufacturing processes, including high-strength ball joints and polymer-coated ball joint boots that reduce wear and improve performance. We also have durable rubber boots that withstand temperature changes, water, and dust. These qualities have made us the top brand with the highest market share in 10 countries worldwide.