Prepare your vehicle for your New Year’s journey
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Before embarking on a long journey

During the upcoming holiday season, it is crucial to prepare your car thoroughly to prevent any issues along the way. Here’s a detailed checklist:

  1. Inspect the Car’s Exterior:
    • Check under the car for leaks, drips, or seepage of various engine components. Use a well-lit area to observe any water or oil stains.
    • Open the hood to inspect for water or oil stains inside the engine compartment.
  2. Check the Fluid Systems:
    • Check the coolant level in the overflow tank.
    • Inspect windshield washer fluid.
    • Check brake fluid or clutch fluid.
    • Examine engine oil and battery distilled water levels. Replenish if necessary.
  3. Inspect the Undercarriage:
    • Check shock absorbers, suspension components, and drive belts.
    • Ensure there are no abnormal sounds or signs indicating potential issues.
  4. Check the Brake System:
    • Inspect brake pad thickness (should be more than 3mm).
    • Examine brake discs for any cracks.
    • Test the handbrake system.
  5. Inspect the Tires:
    • Check tire tread depth and overall tire condition.
    • Use a one-baht coin to check the tread depth (should cover at least one-third of the coin).
    • Ensure that the tire rubber is soft enough for good traction.
    • Inspect for any cracks or bulges on the sidewalls.
  6. Test the Lighting System:
    • Inspect headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, hazard lights, and license plate lights.
    • Adjust the headlights to the correct level.
    • Avoid using modified lights that do not comply with regulations.
  7. Check the Windshield Wipers:
    • Inspect the condition of the wiper blades.
    • Test the wipers for effective clearing.

By going through this detailed preparation checklist, you can enhance the convenience and safety of your long journey. Remember to perform these checks in advance to prevent any issues on the road!

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