5 Apps to Check for Flooding!! Download Them Now

Flood Prevention and Preparedness

In the midst of flooding in several provinces, many people need to closely monitor flood news. Prevention and preparedness for flooding, as well as checking the current water situation, are crucial at this time. We have compiled a list of excellent apps to help you stay updated on the flood situation. Here are some recommended apps that you should download to keep handy.

# 1. ThaiWater: Monitor Water Situations

This application is designed for tracking water situations using data from the National Water Resources Database, managed by the Hydro-Informatics Institute (Public Organization) under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation.

Key Features of ThaiWater:

  • Overall Water and Weather Situation: Provides summary information on water and weather conditions, including storm situations, rainfall over the past 24 hours, water levels in river basins, reservoir water levels, and a 3-day forecast of rain and waves in the Gulf of Thailand.
  • Rain Feature: Displays the amount of rainfall in different areas of the country. You can view a map showing rainfall across the nation.
  • Water Level Feature: Shows water level data from various measuring stations. When you select a station, you’ll see a graph displaying water levels for the past 3 days and the last 24 hours, including both the water surface and bank levels.
  • Reservoir Feature: Provides information on reservoirs across Thailand. You can view details on reservoir capacity, stored water, inflow, and outflow for each reservoir.

# 2. DPM Reporter: All-Round Disaster Alerts

The DPM Reporter app is developed by the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) under the Ministry of Interior. It enhances public access to timely disaster alerts, improving the ability to anticipate, adapt, and recover from disasters swiftly and sustainably. This app delivers disaster situation updates to the public through smartphones via private and public channels. It also facilitates rapid communication between users and administrators.

Key Features of DPM Reporter :

  • Disaster News Function : Reports current disaster situations in the country through photos, video clips, and detailed descriptions of various disasters.
  • Disaster Alert Function : Collects all types of disaster alerts and provides daily summaries of disaster information.
  • News Reporting Function : Allows users to participate by reporting disaster situations themselves.
  • News Map Function : Provides advance nationwide disaster alerts through a mapping feature.

Disaster Statistics Function: Compiles data on disasters, covering yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily occurrences.

# 3. WMSC: Daily Water Situation Reports and Reservoir Data

The application, developed by the Water Management and Hydrology Bureau in collaboration with the Information Center, aims to provide updates on water situations and agricultural areas via mobile devices.
Daily water situation reports, reservoir data, rainfall data, port water data, water situation monitoring cameras, agricultural information from the Royal Irrigation Department, and social network integration.

# 4. DWR4THAI is an application that provides news and information services from the Department of Water Resources.

The app provides news and information services from the Department of Water Resources. It reports water situations to link data from existing water resource information systems. It presents data, news, and electronic services. It features enhanced display of surveillance report data for monitoring water situations 24/7, and a menu for various water hazard alerts.

Interesting features include:
– Enhanced display of surveillance report data for monitoring water situations 24/7.
– Water hazard alert menu: Adds declaration date information and color-coded hazard status to align with the surveillance operating system and early warning system for various water and land slide hazards.
– Department of Water Resources projects menu: Adds detailed project information for each regional water resources office.

# 5. RainViewer: Storm Alerts and Weather Conditions Viewer

RainViewer is an all-in-one radar weather app that forecasts where storms are moving, tracks rain, snow, or any other storms on an online radar map. It also provides timely rain alerts.

Interesting features include:

– Real-time radar weather map
– Weather alerts notification
– Tracking storm paths on the weather map and storm conditions over the past 48 hours
– Graphs forecasting future rainfall, showing intensity and rainfall amounts in the next hour in your area
– Rainfall amount graph indicating when rain starts and stops

Hopefully, these features will be beneficial to everyone in situations where staying informed is crucial for timely preparedness. These apps are available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.

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