Check blind spots, which require special attention

What should you be cautious about?

A-Pillar Blind Spot The A-pillar, which frames the windshield, can obstruct your view while driving, particularly when making turns or U-turns. This can make it difficult to see other vehicles.

  • Solution:
    • Adjust your seat so it’s not too high, leaving about 6 inches between your head and the car’s ceiling.
    • Tilt or move your head to see around the A-pillar before turning or making a U-turn.

Side Mirror Blind Spots Watch out for vehicles that might come up alongside you, outside the range of your adjusted side mirrors.

  • Solution: Adjust the side mirrors to get the widest view possible, ensuring you can see the side of your car, the road surface, and lane markers, without setting the mirrors too high.

Rearview Mirror Blind Spot Avoid placing items on the rear deck that can obstruct your view through the rear window.

  • Solution:
    • Make sure the rearview mirror is adjusted to provide a clear view of the entire rear window.
    • Be cautious when overtaking, changing lanes, or reversing to ensure you can see the situation behind your car.

Following Larger Vehicles Following larger vehicles like trucks can greatly reduce your visibility of the road ahead.

  • Solution:
    • Maintain a safe distance that allows you to see oncoming traffic and road conditions.
    • Never overtake on the left side of a large vehicle, as they have a blind spot on that side and may not see you, increasing the risk of an accident.

Blind Spots Due to Road Conditions

  • Curves: Never overtake on a curve. Slow down and adhere strictly to warning signs.
  • Hills: Avoid speeding on inclines as you cannot see the road ahead. Use your horn to signal your presence to oncoming vehicles. At night, use your high beams to enhance visibility.

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