How many types of gear oil are there, and which type should you choose?

Gear oil is a crucial factor in ensuring that the gears work efficiently.

In addition to aiding the operation of the gear system, gear oil helps maintain and care for your car’s gearbox, ensuring it functions smoothly and lasts longer without breaking down.

Generally, it’s recommended to change the gear oil every 30,000-40,000 kilometers. However, for vehicles that frequently shift gears, such as those driven in urban areas like Bangkok, it’s advisable to change it more frequently, around every 10,000-20,000 kilometers or annually. This interval is considered the most suitable.

Once you know it’s time to change the gear oil, it’s essential to choose the right type of gear oil suitable for your vehicle’s usage. You need to know whether your car has a manual transmission or an automatic transmission. Once you know the transmission type, selecting the appropriate gear oil becomes easier.

Conventional Gear Oil: It has a higher viscosity and is suitable for the operation of manual gear systems with a clutch and gear shifting, which generates significant friction. Therefore, it requires gear oil with high viscosity to ensure smooth gear changes and excellent protection against wear. Typically, the viscosity rating is 75W-85 or higher.

Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF): It has lower viscosity and is designed for automatic transmission systems with a planetary gear system. ATF contains numerous small components and experiences more movement than manual gear systems. Thus, it requires gear oil with lower viscosity, allowing it to flow freely and penetrate various components effectively. It also facilitates power transmission from the pump to the torque converter.

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ACDelco Supreme Plus Gear Oil 75W-90 19375332 is a fully synthetic automotive gear and differential oil.
It is manufactured using a special process from high-quality synthetic base oils and premium additives to provide excellent protection against extreme pressure, ensuring optimal gear performance even under heavy-duty conditions.


– Provides excellent protection against component wear.
– Protects gears and bearings exceptionally well.
– Resists foaming of the oil, which can cause wear.
– Provides excellent protection against gear corrosion and rust.


– Suitable for lubricating conventional gear systems.
– Suitable for rear differentials and other gear systems in passenger cars and small commercial vehicles.
– Suitable for use in trucks, heavy machinery, tractors, and marine engines.
Standard: API GL-5

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ACDelco Select Gear Oil SAE 80W-90 19375185

This automotive gear oil and differential fluid is formulated with high-quality additives, including Extreme Pressure additives, to enhance impact load-bearing capacity and withstand high torque.


– Heat resistant and oxygen reaction prevention properties ensure oil stability and prolonged service life.
– High-performance pressure additives reduce gear set wear.
– Provides excellent protection against corrosion and rust for gear sets.
– Anti-foaming agents ensure rapid foam release, maintaining full protective film efficiency.


– Suitable for general-purpose vehicles specified to use API GL-5 and GL-4 standards.
– Ideal for hypoid, spiral bevel, and planetary gear sets.

Standard: API GL-5 and GL-4

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ACDelco Select Gear Oil 85W-140 19374722, 19348535

This high-performance automotive gear and differential oil is formulated from high-quality base oil blended with additives to provide excellent gear surface protection.

It includes Extreme Pressure additives that ensure optimal protection for gears even under heavy-duty operating conditions.

– Heat resistance and oxygen reaction prevention ensure oil stability and prolonged service life.
– High-performance anti-wear agents reduce gear wear.
– Effective protection against corrosion and rust for gear components.
– Anti-foam additives swiftly dissipate foam to maintain full film protection.

– Suitable for hypoid, spiral bevel, and limited slip differential gear sets.
Standard: API GL-5 and GL-4.

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ACDelco CVT Fluid 19374313

This is a fully synthetic gear oil designed specifically for Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) systems. It provides high torque, immediate acceleration response in all driving conditions, along with excellent protection and reduced vibration in the transmission system.


– Helps adjust friction in the automatic CVT transmission system to suit the vehicle’s load, allowing for continuous and smooth gear ratio changes.

– Enables seamless gear shifting without jerking.

– Reduces the accumulation of sludge and prevents wear and tear, extending the lifespan of the transmission gears.


– Suitable for Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) automatic transmission systems.

– Compatible with various vehicle models that utilize CVT gear systems.

Standards: Daihatsu AMMIX CVT, CVTF-DC, CVTF-DFE, Dodge/Jeep NS-2, CVTF+4, Ford CVT23, CVT30/Motorcraft XT-7-QCFT, MERCON C, GM CVTF-Green2, DEX-CVT, Honda/Acura HMMF, HCF-2, Hyundai/Kia SP-CVTF 3320, Mercedes Benz 236.20, Mini Cooper EZL 799, EZL799A, Mitsubishi CVTF-J1, CVTF-J4, Nissan NS-1, NS-2, NS-2V, NS.3, Subaru Lineartronic CVTF (PIN K0425Y0710), Lineartronic, CVTF II (P/N SOA748V0200), CV-30, High Torque CVTF, e-CVTF, Suzuki TC, NS-2, CVTF3320, CVT Green2, CVT Green3, Toyota TC, FE, Volkswagen/Audi TL 52180, G 052 180 A2, G 052 516 A2.


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ACDelco DEXRONTM -VI ATF 19374780, 19374779
is a high-quality synthetic automatic transmission fluid manufactured from highly refined base oils. It exhibits excellent heat resistance, making it ideal for withstanding oxidation reactions.

It has low viscosity, reducing friction, and thus helps to conserve fuel.


– Low viscosity, ensuring smooth gear operation without jerks.

– Excellent heat resistance from oxidation reactions, extending the lifespan of the gear oil.

– Prolongs the lifespan, preventing clutch plate wear, gear sets, and bearings from deteriorating.


– Suitable for automatic transmission systems recommended to use DEXRONTM -VI standards and can be used as a replacement for gear oils specified under DEXRONTM -III or DEXRONTM -II(E) standards.

Standards: DEXRONTM -VI (license number J-62103), Voith H55.6335.xx (G607)

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This high-quality synthetic automatic transmission fluid (ATF) exhibits excellent shear stability, providing reliable resistance against viscosity breakdown. With its high-pressure additives, it effectively reduces friction, safeguarding the components of the transmission gear set with great efficiency.


– Helps extend the lifespan of automatic gears.
– Exhibits excellent heat resistance, preventing oil degradation and thereby extending the intervals between changes.
– Facilitates smoother gear shifts and improved power transmission (torque).


– Suitable for automatic transmission systems in passenger cars and pickup trucks that specify the original DEXRONTM-III or MERCON standard oil.
– Ideal for heavy-duty automatic transmission systems in heavy machinery and equipment.
– Suitable for power steering systems in all types of vehicles that specify the original DEXRONTM-III or MERCON standard oil.
– Not recommended for use in vehicles with electronically controlled automatic transmission systems or vehicles equipped with CVT, DCT transmissions, including vehicles with specialized transmission systems.


Standard: Allison C4, DEXRONTM-III (H), Ford Mercon

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