What to do when our car is submerged in water?

If your car becomes submerged while parked and the water level rises to flood the engine, follow these steps

  • Do not start the car or turn the key to the ON position under any circumstances! This is crucial because modern cars have electronic components and electrical systems that could be damaged if exposed to water.
  • Disconnect the battery immediately! This helps prevent electrical issues by cutting off the power supply.
  • Take the car to a garage or service center to replace all fluids.  This includes engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant.
  • Inspect the undercarriage and supporting systems. Have a mechanic inspect the wheel bearings and check if the braking system is functioning properly, especially for vehicles with drum brakes where water might have entered. If water has entered, the components need to be removed and cleaned.

After driving through flooded waters, what do we need to check?

1. After driving through water, here’s what to check
2. Repeat braking several times to squeeze out water from the brake discs.
3. Hose down the undercarriage thoroughly, using a soft-bristled brush to remove mud, debris, or wood splinters.
4. Open the hood to inspect for flood damage and use compressed air to blow out any remaining water.
5. Check the engine oil level, as water may have mixed with it.
6. Inspect all fluids, such as transmission fluid and power steering fluid, for signs of water contamination.
7. If water has reached the fuse box, remove the fuses and dry them thoroughly.
8. Blow out water from wire terminals and the battery.
9. Spray moisture-displacing spray on battery terminals.
10. Spray moisture-displacing spray on various wire terminals.
11. Open the door seals and if they are damp, clean them and let them dry in the sun.

Source : http://www.motorexpo.co.th

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