Which part should be replaced and when?

Besides safety on the road, …

For drivers, regularly checking the condition of the car is crucial for everyone’s safety on the road. The more frequent one drives, the more attention needs to be paid, especially to car parts, each of which has a different lifespan. Today, G.P. Parts would like to summarize simply which parts have a certain lifespan and when it’s time to replace them.

Engine Oil / Oil Filter
The role of engine oil is to lubricate various components inside the engine to ensure smooth operation. The general interval for changing engine oil is typically between 5,000 – 10,000 kilometers or 6 months (depending on the type of oil used). However, if you notice the oil turning black, it indicates that the oil has deteriorated, and it should be changed immediately.

Dry Cell Battery / Wet Cell Battery
Dry cell batteries may be suitable for those who drive less frequently and require minimal maintenance. However, they are typically more expensive than wet cell batteries. On the other hand, wet cell batteries are more affordable but require periodic maintenance such as checking and topping up the electrolyte levels.

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