5 Misconceptions About Car Usage You Need to Know

Misconceptions About Car Usage That Have Been Passed Down and Practiced

These beliefs may influence inappropriate behavior among car users and could have negative effects on the vehicle in the long run. Today, let’s check if you have these 5 behaviors or not.

1. Saving gas by frequently changing gears Driving in a manner where gears are frequently shifted, regardless of whether it’s an automatic or manual transmission, to match road conditions or for driving enjoyment, actually consumes more fuel than expected. This happens more when constantly changing gears unnecessarily instead of driving smoothly without shifting gears excessively.

2. Lifting windshield wipers when parking under the sun helps extend their lifespan Lifting windshield wipers does not contribute significantly to extending their lifespan as commonly believed. Windshield wipers naturally deteriorate over time, with an average lifespan of about a year depending on the brand and material. Therefore, whether you lift them or not does not make much difference because windshield wipers still receive heat from the sun.

Leaving windshield wipers lifted for an extended period causes the spring that holds the wipers to adhere tightly to the glass, leading to the spring losing its tension and eventually not making proper contact with the windshield. However, if you only lift them briefly, such as when washing the car or cleaning the windshield, it won’t cause any harm. Regarding the cost of replacement, windshield wipers cost just a few hundred baht, but if you need to replace the entire set including the wiper arms, it could cost thousands.

3. Turning off the engine, putting it in neutral, and coasting downhill is safe This practice is highly dangerous because not only do the brakes stop working, but the car is also more prone to losing control. This driving method is often attempted by many young novice drivers, which should be strictly avoided. When driving downhill, it’s best to keep the engine running at all times for maximum safety.

4. Changing engine oil only when the gearbox starts having issues This can be highly detrimental to the gearbox system. In reality, engine oil should be changed every 20,000 kilometers to help prolong the gearbox’s lifespan. Our hot climate and heavy traffic conditions in places like Bangkok necessitate fast driving followed by sudden stops, affecting the gearbox’s performance. Therefore, it’s crucial to adhere to the recommended oil change intervals for optimal gearbox efficiency and safety.

5. Not changing engine oil frequently if the car is seldom driven Engine oil’s effectiveness deteriorates over time, and keeping it in an engine that hasn’t been started for a long time may cause moisture buildup inside the engine. This can lead to rust or corrosion if neglected.

Generally, engine oil should be changed based on either mileage or time, whichever comes first (depending on the type of oil used). In some cases, waiting until reaching the specified mileage or time interval may not be necessary. If you notice a decrease in oil quantity or the oil color turning darker than usual, you should change the engine oil immediately. Additionally, you should thoroughly inspect the car because these symptoms indicate that your car is starting to malfunction.

If you have any of these behaviors, it’s advisable to adjust your driving habits to ensure your car stays with you for a long time without incurring unnecessary expenses. Besides driving habits, regular vehicle inspections are crucial. Whether it’s the gearbox, windshield wipers, or engine oil, if you notice any defects or damage, it’s essential to replace them immediately. Purchase genuine parts or car care products for all car models and brands, with 100% confidence, only at G.P. Auto Parts.

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