6 Steps to File a Flood Insurance Claim: What You Need to Do?

Many areas are currently experiencing flooding, while in some places, the water levels are starting to recede.

For those whose homes or cars have been flooded, here are 6 steps you should know! How to claim flood insurance for your car? Follow these steps to make the process easier, convenient, and faster.

1. Take photos while the car is flooded.

2. Notify the insurance company of the incident.

3. Call the insurance company after the water recedes to arrange an inspection.

4. Wait for the assessors to evaluate the damage.

5. If it qualifies as a total loss, receive compensation according to the insured amount.

6. If it qualifies for partial loss, receive a claim form and proceed with the repair after.

… only under two conditions.

However, besides following the above steps, those preparing to claim flood insurance for their vehicles must understand the criteria for assessing compensation for flood damage, which are divided into two cases:

– The vehicle and engine are damaged beyond repair.
– The vehicle and engine are not severely damaged and can be repaired.

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