Isuzu Launches 3 Models to Shake Up the Year-End Market

“D-Max,” “X-Series,” and “New MU-X”

Tri Petch Group, through Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd., is forging ahead with the launch of a complete vehicle lineup. Leading the pack is the “New! Isuzu D-Max MAGIC EYEs”… soaring ahead, setting the pace with the first-ever intelligent safety system ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) in the Thai pickup market, featuring a dual front camera 3D Imaging Stereo Camera.

Also debuting is the “New! Isuzu X-Series”… INFINITE X-LIFE, thrilling at every mile” with an enhanced premium sporty racing look. It stands out with the new Islay Gray Opaque color, designed to catch every eye.

Finally, the top-class multi-purpose vehicle with a new design, “The New MU-X”… be UNCHARTED… endless new destinations,” caters to luxurious lifestyles. It takes design to the next level with the new Glacier Blue Mica color, exuding elegance and a bold sporty feel. Additionally, it features a new Smart Tailgate with Step Sensor, providing complete utility just in time for the year-end sales season.

Tri Petch Group, represented by Mr. Takashi Hata, Managing Director of Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd., stated, “Isuzu sincerely thanks our Thai customers for their continuous support. We aim to meet every need of Thai drivers genuinely. Beyond the new exterior and interior designs, Isuzu prioritizes driving safety with the ‘New! Isuzu D-Max MAGIC EYEs’… soaring ahead, leading the world. It features the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) for enhanced safety and is the first in the Thai pickup market to introduce the innovative dual front camera 3D Imaging Stereo Camera. This technology acts as an intelligent pair of eyes, detecting objects in front in real-time with greater clarity and accuracy than a single front camera (Mono Camera). Additionally, it is equipped with two radars and eight sensors around the vehicle, transforming every adventure into a journey of utmost safety that Isuzu drivers can trust.”

In addition, there is the “New! Isuzu X-Series…INFINITE X-LIFE Excitement! Mid-mile,” a premium sporty racing pickup with an impressive new look. It stands out with the latest design updates in both the SPEED and HI-LANDER models, and it comes with a new color: Islay Gray Opaque.

Including the luxurious SUV, “The New MU-X be UNCHARTED…Endless New Destinations,” with a distinctive new design and a new color: Glacier Blue Mica. This model is packed with advanced safety technology and offers even greater convenience with the new Smart Tailgate featuring a Step Sensor. Enjoy a versatile lifestyle with this high-end, multi-purpose vehicle.

Discover the “New Isuzu D-MAX MAGIC EYEs” and “New Isuzu X-Series” starting from October 14, and “The New MU-X” from November 1 onwards at Isuzu showrooms nationwide. For more information, visit or follow us on LINE: @isuzuthai.

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