What is M-Flow?

M-Flow is an automatic toll collection system with free flow capability.

By utilizing AI technology to detect license plates, M-Flow enables quick and convenient toll collection with a free flow system. Vehicles can pass through immediately at the legal speed limit without needing to stop or slow down, reducing traffic congestion. It is compatible with all types of vehicles permitted on highways, including 4-wheelers, 6-wheelers, and more than 6-wheelers, except for vehicles with red plates, modified license plates, obscured or damaged plates, or unclear plates. The M-Flow system is fully operational at four toll booths: Tubsai 1, Tubsai 2, Thanaburi 1, and Thanaburi 2, located on the rightmost lane of each booth, designated for M-Pass and original Easy Pass transactions.

How does M-Flow benefit you?
1. No more waiting in line at toll booths.
With Video Tolling technology, it automatically detects your vehicle’s license plate, allowing you to pass through without wasting time waiting in payment queues or for the barrier to lift.

2. No need to reduce speed.
Vehicles can pass through the toll booths at speeds not exceeding the legal limit of 120 km/h, allowing for smooth traffic flow.

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